Boost confidence, encourage creativity and enhance your child’s potential with Kaleidoscope’s popular Drama and Dance classes. Our classes help develop skills for life. Kaleidoscope students tend to stand out from the crowd, they are more confident, more articulate and more at ease in social situations. We are proud to be chosen as performing arts partners of Priory School, due to our high quality teaching and excellent reputation in Sussex.

With our child-centred approach, unique curriculum and team of friendly, enthusiastic teachers, our classes are the highlight of the week – a lively, fun, learning experience


“My son has been with Kaleidoscope for three years and has enjoyed every minute of it. He is not a great one for clubs so that he has stayed enthusiastic about this group is a real endorsement of what they do and how they do it. It is a place that he knows he will be listened to and where his view is appreciated. He is always treated with respect and kindness and given lots of opportunity to explore his creative side. He has made many friends of all ages within the group and the social aspect is a real appeal. He is looking forward to many more years of exciting projects with Kaleidoscope. Many thanks Deirdre and the team!”  RIchard Brady

 I have seen my son literally grow in confidence during the Kaleidoscope Summer Schools, he comes out full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to go again next year. It is now a set date in our calendar!” Mrs F. Whitfield.

”At Kaleidoscope we get to know people really well (especially when we are putting on a production.) I have made lots of new friends.” Alice (10 yrs)

“I find the Kaleidoscope classes fun and inspiring. The teachers encourage us to experiment with different ideas and I love to perform in the shows.” Amy (12 yrs)

The students who watched the Youth Theatre’s play found it very powerful. Congratulations to Kaleidoscope for a really professional production. Sue Clarke, Head of Drama, Ringmer Academy.

‘Congratulations on putting together such a powerful production. Myself and my husband were very impressed and it was great watching our daughter perform so confidently’ Mrs T. Hunter

“The teachers are always enthusiastic and positive. My daughter loves coming to the classes and performing in the Show Cases” Mrs B. Phillips.